Is Meditation the new Punk?

March 30, 2022

Is Meditation the new Punk?

When we think about Punk, we may have the idea of loudness and excess. For me, the main legacy of the Punk culture on an artistic level is not the music, but the attitude of « do it yourself ».

On an aesthetical level, You can do it through a song, an artwork, an outfit; whatever comes into your hands. Just do it! That was a revolution in habits.

Many years ago a master called Osho developed the Active Meditations for the modern person. They consist of simple movement techniques combined to wonderful music recordings. They can be practised at home alone or with friends, investing one hour of our time.

No further needs to search for the high mountain guru to access our true nature , although the search for the mountain guru can be fun and healthy as well. We don’t need anyone else to be who we are.