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31 October, 2022 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm



After quite a long time, we come back again with another version of Be/Yond! This time it will be a journey of transformation in the magical time of Halloween/Samhain.
Every October 31th, since ages, a portal opens up in our daily reality, only visible to those who dare to question the rational and materialistic vision of the world. Through this gate, we are invited to enter in direct dialogue with the elemental forces of nature, the wisdom of our ancestors and our own infinite creative potential and blissful nature.

This special Be/Yond Halloween edition holds these intentions:

  • Align ourselves with the natural cycles of the year, acknowledging Samhain as a multidimensional gate.
  • Create a safe Tantric space to bring awareness of where we are in this moment, remove blockages in our body so to awaken and purify our life force energy.
  • Use the wisdom of Shamanic practices to connect with the power of our lineage and spiritual guides.
  • Journey between realms to align our personal will with our true role in this Lila, divine play.
  • Clearly mark a break, with an intentional ritual of transformation to acquire a new form.
  • Getting in touch with our power of magicians, our power to shape our own energy to manifest what life wnats to express through us.
  • Celebrate our new skin and powers to seed personal and collective co-creations for this new cycle of the year.

We will experience ancient and contemporary meditation techniques and shamanic rituals, supported by sounds and movement.

• Dynamic tantra
• Osho Divine Healing Arts
• Samhaim transformation ritual
• Shamanic ceremony of the Andes
• Sound Healing journey
• Dance your mask
• Live music celebration
• and so much more…

We have three super special guests: Ranjana Pomar from Chile, and Dimo Jechev from Bulgaria, as well as the super talented Ciara Cunnane from Spectral Solas. Check their bios below!

If you are familiar with our events, this will be another unique experience; if it’s your first time, this will be an incredible journey into bliss anyway.

You are invite to bring:

• An object or image that connects or symbolize your lineage, ancestors, spirit guides, power places, etc.
• A personal object of power to put in the altar.
• A shamanic drum or other instrument if you wish to play.
• Make up, wigs, costumes, accessories, kinky or special outfits and a little mirror, so you can metamorphose yourself in our ritual of transformation and dance celebration!

Born in Italy, graduated in Shiatsu, Divine Healing and Meditation at the Osho Divine Healing Arts (O.D.H.A.) School, with Prashantam in Portugal.
He studied Tantra with Margot Anand in the SkyDancing Tantra Institute in France, and he is a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher;
He is also a musician, experimenting and combining the Three Keys, Breathing, Movement and Sound, with innovative and creative meditation techniques.
Working and living in Berlin, he facilitates Osho meditations, trainings and workshops all around Europe and Russia.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she graduated in Philosophy at the National University of Buenos Aires and Classical Piano at the National Conservatory of Buenos Aires.
As a scholar of philosophy she researches ancient Tantric philosophy (Kashmir Shaivism) and she plays more than 20 instruments. She has performed traditional South American music and dances at a wide variety of music and dance festivals.
She is a best-seller writer, a multi-instrumentalist musician, a facilitator of active Osho Meditations and she co-creates with Gopal ecstatic and multidisciplinary events all over the world that integrate bodywork and ancient Tantra with poetry, sound healing, visionary art, sacred rituals and soulful music.

Jahan lives in Krasnodar, Russia, has a medicine education and worked as Shiatsu operator for more than 10 years.
Introduced Osho Divine Healing in Osho Festival in Russia and leads self-growing and meditation groups in Russia and Europe.


Ranjana works as a psychotherapist, and Tantra counsellor and facilitator in self-development for individuals and groups. In 1988, she learned about Osho´s Active Meditations and began practising them.
After experiencing this path for more than 25 years, she has brought together Asian traditions, Tantra, meditation and the indigenous cosmos-vision where life, love, death, and cycles of nature are living as one into the Great Spirit funding the Tantra Shamanic Essence School.
Ranjana is also a co-creator of Tantric Tribal Woman in The UK, and co-founder of Living Meditation, Osho Centro

Activo in Chile.



Ciara is a certified meditation guide and gongstress who works with Paiste gongs, considered to be among the world’s best quality.
She completed Gong Master training in the UK with world-renowned Gong Masters Don Conreaux & Aidan McIntyre, and Advanced Gong training in Ireland with Sheila Whittaker, Gong Master and esteemed tutor at the UK’s College of Sound Healing.
She fulfilled her dream of travelling to India, where she studied the history, philosophy and practice of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in Rishikesh and gained 300-hour accreditation for Meditation Teaching and Guidance.



He was born in 1975 in Bulgaria. 22 years later he got graduated in Geodesy (cartography). In his search of harmony he has done short trainings in Homeopathy, Prana healing and yoga classes. In 2005 he meets for the first time with the word of Osho by Family constellations workshop. In 2009 after two years training on Rebalancing he got certified and started working with people individually. After two years of training in 2014 he got certified in Transessence technique. Same year for the first time he was invited to work abroad in Moscow. In 2015 he creates the workshop “Completing unfinished relationships”. In 2016 he studies Somatic Experiencing training for trauma work by Peter Levin in Turkey and Italy. In 2017 he completes 2 year of training on Pulsations (Osho breath work) in Italy. Currently he is in Skydancing Tantra Teacher and leads workshops in festivals all over the world.


31 October, 2022
12:00 am - 11:59 pm