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18 October, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Dynamic Tantra: Ecstasy Symphony
The Eternal Dance of the Polarities

When our vital needs or our emotional desires are fulfilled, we feel pleasure. The experience of △ Inner Ecstasy ▽, however, goes much further. It is a state of Deep Joy, Contentment and Inner Fullness, which words cannot describe.

This joyful explosion of Completeness can only be activated when everything we are is included, accepted and invited. As well as to make a great cake you need each of its ingredients, even that tiny pinch of salt.

Reality has been described by the ancient Tantric texts as a dance of two main “ingredients”: Shiva (Consciousness) and Shakti (Energy). This metaphor helps us to approach to something that cannot cannot be defined, but only lived first hand. And, as every cake, the experience of Inner Ecstasy is different for every one.

In this stage of Dynamic Tantra we will experience the natural free flow of Energy and Awareness to ultimate discover our own Fullness. With a playful, creative and soulful approach, we invite you to flower in the space of Meditation to create your Own Version of Ecstasy.

▽Our Shakti, or Inner Woman, allows us to live in a receptive way, led by the energetic flow of life and guided by intuitive wisdom, capable of feeling deep emotions and being a source for healing and compassion.

△ Our Shiva, or Inner Man, allows us to live affirmed in action, guided by our natural authority and inner clarity, to overcome any obstacles and be a beacon and inspiration to others.

The path of Tantra invites us to shed light on these polarities that already exist in us. Nothing to look for, nothing to achieve.

The path of Tantra means confronting existence as it is, and not as we would like or have been told to be, in order to find Contentment and Fullness: our Inner Ecstasy, our natural state of enjoying, loving and creating beauty.

We will use individual and group tantric techniques and the power of rituals (which unites the inner and the outer realms, the Sky and the Earth) to anchor in us experiences of ultimate ecstasy. Once the connection is made with what we really are, we can begin to experience this Fullness in our daily life.

“Ecstatic states are accesible. And you do not have to spend years meditating on mountaintops or alone in dark caves to experience ecstasy and harness its vibrant energy. Somewhere along our journey of awakening, with all its struggles, joys and disappointments, ecstasy will be revealed, as a confirmation, a blessing, a message from the Source. Then all that remains is to live with joy, love and laughter.”
Margot Anand, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy.


18 October, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm