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28 June, 2021 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


After this long break, we are finally back on track! We will offer a special Dynamic Tantra session to refresh and expand our lifeforce energy, which was hard tested in a way or another due to the global circumstances.

Also we are happy to announce that our monthly workshops are back, so we can continue with the beautiful path of transformation we have walked together so far.

In this new stage of Dynamic Tantra we will go further, transforming our bodies in a magnetic, vibrant energy stream. We will experiment and learn how to build, contain and expand our energy into the whole body and beyond. This will help to clean our energetical body and its blockages and live a true experience of Totality, ready to start again in all our power!

With a playful, creative and soulful approach, we invite you to flower in the space of Meditation to feel the natural free flow and streaming of Energy and Awareness in your body, to ultimate discover your own Fullness and overwhelming Vitality that resides in the core of your being.


☼ This event will respect the mandatory safety rules that apply for all the public gatherings.
☼ It will take place in a room that will be aired out as often as possible.
☼ Places will be limited.
☼ Wearing masks will not be mandatory but allowed for people feeling fragile.
☼ Hydro-alcoholic solutions will be made available at the entrance.
☼ Each participant will be free to evaluate at any time the level of closeness that he or she is comfortable to have with other participants.

– and what to expect –

Dynamic Tantra is an invitation to discover the sublime combination of aliveness and consciousness, which is the true essence of Tantra, in a playful and soulful way.

We will practice together how to:
* Let our vital energy flow freely.
* Learn the art of letting go through deep relaxation.
* Regain confidence in oneself, in others and in life.
* Discover and harmonize our inner male and female polarity.
* Learn to treat our body with respect and recognize it as our true temple.
* Bring more awareness to increase our ability to love and to be loved.
* Become familiar with the issues of choice, to become more conscious of our limits and to respect ourselves.
* Build responsibly our own energy using the Three Keys: Breath, Movement and Sound.


28 June, 2021
8:00 am - 5:00 pm