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1 December, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 3 December, 2023 @ 9:30 pm

We Invite you 1-3 of december 2023 to the Tantra-workshop in Sofia:

The Loving Tantra-touch weekend with Gopal
During this special , deep and sensual tantric journey , we will open our senses and awareness on basic human experiences that we unlearned to live with totality.
All of us have been touched before, but how many of us can say that we’ve actually felt touched?
So often, touch becomes an unconscious reflex.
In s*exuality, touch is often used as a strategy to build excitement but not always experienced to increase consciousness and connection.
There’s a difference between being aware of the other person’s touch and feeling it in your body, with your mind and your heart. Conscious touch is more than skin-on-skin contact; it requires awareness of mind, body, and spirit and an open channel to experience something beyond simple physical stimulation.
Giving massage is more than touching someone deeply; it’s about being present in your own body and paying attention to what you’re feeling. It is a form of meditation; by getting in touch with your hands, you allow them to become receptive conduits.
Connecting with your partner is about connecting with yourself. Your partner will feel far more than massaging fingers: they’ll feel that you are entirely present during their experience.
Letting go into conscious touch is a great way to bring both partners into harmony and an excellent way to let go of the ego and surrender to pleasure; the flow of energy between you and your partner through touch alone can be very powerful.
But , touch is not only the way we connect to each other.
Breathing is the way the air touches our bodies.
Sight is the way we touch the world.
Gravity is the way the Earth touches us.
Touch is a precious gift whose mystery and potential sometimes we are not fully aware of. Touch can be an immense source of pleasure and discovery and a powerful tool to transmit presence.
This dynamic tantric journey will open our senses and awareness to the whole experience of the flow of touch.
In a safe and playful space, we will explore the conscious touch, the loving touch, the universal touch and eventually understand that WE ARE LOVE, expanding the Range of Sensation and Emotion.
“The body is a mystery in the whole of existence; this mystery needs to be loved.” (OSHO)
What to expect :
Dynamic Tantra is an invitation to discover the sublime combination consciousness and vitality, which is the true essence of Tantra, in a playful and soulful way.
We will practice together how to :
* Let our vital energy flow freely.
* Dedramatize s*exuality, freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs.
* Learn the art of letting go through deep relaxation.
* Regain confidence in oneself, in others and in life.
* Discover and harmonize our inner male and female polarity.
* Learn to treat our body with respect and recognize it as our true temple.
* Bring more awareness to increase our ability to love and to be loved.
* Let our s*exual energy flow freely.
* Become familiar with the issues of choice, to become more conscious of our limits and to respect ourselves.
* Build responsibly our own energy using the Three Keys: Breath, Movement and Sound.
All in a fun and playful way, in an elegant atmosphere and a safe space where participants will feel safe expressing themselves in freedom and trust.
Tantra is a magical world that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary !
There will be no s*exual intercourse happening in this event .
Singles , couples , all genders , and ages are welcome , even without previous experience in Tantra.
More info about Dynamic Tantra: www.gopaltantra

Event-organizer : Mitko Marashev (Tantra-Therapist/S*ex-Coach)
Dates : 1-3 of december 2023 (Friday-Sunday).
Place : Sofia
Duration :
FRIDAY : 19:00-22:00
Introduction ritual , introduction to workshop (structure, boundaries, consent, timing, etc.)
Tantric meditation
SATURDAY : 9:00/9:30-21:00/21:30
(with two breaks for lunch and dinner)
SUNDAY : 9:00/9:30-18:00
(with one break for lunch)
PRICE (early registration until november 10) :
Single : 220 euro / 430 leva
Couples : 385 euro / 750 leva
PRICE (after november 10) :
Single : 250 euro / 485 leva
Couples : 410 euro / 800 leva
REGISTRATION, detailed INFORMATION and unlimited QUESTIONS about the workshop and payments :
Mitko Marashev +34/643492008 (Viber/WhatsApp)
As well as in the messenger of my personal fb-profile Mitko Marashev
And on the Facebook pages Conscious man and Tantra-Therapist
All English speakers, outside of Bulgaria , you can also contact Gopal himself
All of the above are event hosts
1.Bank transfer :
IBAN – ES55 2100 5580 1115 0005 1252 – DIMITAR IVANOV
Reason : Tantra-Workshop
2.Revolut :
IBAN – ES57 1583 0001 1190 9420 8107
BIC (Swift) – REVOESM2
** ** ** **
The deposit is not refundable , as well as the transferred amount , but it can be used by another person!


1 December, 2023 @ 9:00 am
3 December, 2023 @ 9:30 pm