Through the Ladder of Cosmic Bliss

An ancient story says that we humans, born in the stars, have fallen into this planet to pursue a cosmic endeavour: to transmute matter into spirit. Deeply rooted in the materiality of planet Earth, we are essentially cosmic stardust.

Our body is an hologram of the code of the whole universe. We just need to find that ladder reconnecting us to our shining, blissful cosmic nature.

On Be/YOND #3 we will go again beyond our daily routine and common perception to explore this time the Tantric Space.

* Our body will be our starship.
We will learn how to transform our dense energy into more sublime and refined forms.

* Breathwork will be the sacred fuel to expand our inner space.
Movement and rituals will shape our quantic jump.

* Shamanic and sacred ceremonies will allow us to connect with our shared archetypes to enter a circular time as a community of cosmic travellers.

* Sacred connection will be our alchemical elixir.
Touching our inner polarities, masculine and feminine, will allow us to go beyond duality.

Active meditations, tribal dance, ritual chanting, live music, as well as other individual and collective group dynamics will help to float in the tantric space, with tenderness, spontaneity and fun.

If you are familiar with our events, this will be another unique experience; if it’s your first time, this will be an incredible journey into bliss anyway.

Our wonderful team of musicians and facilitators will guide you throug an exploration of the cosmos.

Organic bio food and drinks will be provided during the event, so you will have enough energy to boost your starship.
There will be no sexual intercourse or unnecessary nudity happening in the workshop.
Singles, couples, all genders and age even without previous experience in Tantra, everybody is welcome!
Tantra is a magical world that turns ordinary into extraordinary!

Event starts on sunday 24th november at 11 and ends at 20, same day.
Admission: 50 euro; earlybird 40 euro until 20th october 2019.

Info and booking:


Nov 24 2019


10:00 am - 10:10 pm



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