Are you new to Tantra? This could be the right time for you to get in touch with your true energy and your true self! Come as you are, no particular preparation is needed.

In a space of trust, security and respect, this introductory evening will offer you the opportunity to access deep and lasting transformations.

The Tantric approach is not organized around theoretical discourses, it is an acquisition of knowledge based on experience.

We will practice together how to:

* Dedramatize sexuality, freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs.
* Bring more awareness to increase our ability to love and to be loved.
* Learn to treat our body with respect.
* Recognize our body as our true temple.
* Learn the art of letting go through deep relaxation.
* Let our vital energy flow freely.
* Regain confidence in oneself, in others and in life.
* Become familiar with the issues of choice, to become more
aware of our limits and to respect ourselves.
* Discover and harmonize our inner male and female polarity.
* Build responsibly our own energy using the three keys: Breath,
Movement and Sound.

This evening is an opportunity to experiment and practice in a safe space, the way to become more conscious of our behavioural patterns, enhancing our aliveness, exploring connection, awareness and bliss, in couples or not.

Rediscovering each other every moment is to develop the ability to be constantly new, and take responsibility for what is happening every day, inside and outside of us.

If we learn how to take responsibility for what is happening at every moment, then we can create space to welcome the new, the unknown, and marvel together in the everchanging beauty of the present.

During this evening we will invite you to discover the sublime combination of aliveness and consciousness, which is the true essence of Tantra.

“You can follow any path, if you are true and authentic, you will reach the goal: authenticity is the way”. Osho

– There will be no sexual intercourse or unnecessary nudity happening in this event.
– Singles, couples, all genders and age even without previous experience in Tantra, everybody is welcome!

Tantra is a magical world that turns ordinary into extraordinary!


Jun 26 2021


1:00 pm - 10:10 pm



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