Reset automatic patterns with Dynamic Tantra

Sometimes we live our life on a two-dimensional level.

We may often become a little robotic and automatic in our interactions during our everyday life and routine.

The root causes can be many. Stressful working habits, relationship issues, unhealthy behaviors that in the long run can determine a chronic, automatic attitude to the way we respond in life.

We will examine, process, and release many of these inner and outer movements with the practice of tantric techniques in a playful, dynamic, and easy-going attitude.

The word Tantra stems from the root “tan,” meaning to stretch, as a piece of fabric does when woven into cloth. As such, Tantra can expand your mind and make you more aware of how your mind operates on an unconscious level and stop unconsciously repeating automatic patterns of thinking, feeling, or behaving.

Tantric exercise can rewire your mind by introducing new ways of seeing yourself and others around you, reshaping neural pathways more quickly than simply sitting still. And once you experience how beneficial these methods truly are – you’ll never want to stop!

Through meditation, Tantra teaches consciously disengage from harmful, negative thought patterns. Tantric meditation methods teach us how to watch and not react to thoughts as they arise. The ability to do so helps us free ourselves from habits of negatively rehashing life events over and over again in our minds and consequently in our actions and bodies: ruminating about problems that have happened or worrying about things that haven’t yet happened; berating ourselves; dwelling on fears; engaging in fantasy; getting caught up in memories of past pleasures or future worries.

The key to understanding Tantra as dynamic therapy lies in realizing that, far from being static, it’s a dynamic, living process. It’s unceasing and (you might say) ever-changing. And because of that dynamism, it offers us something powerful: the chance to consciously transform ourselves into more joyful beings, awakening our sensual potentiality.

When we start to bring the conscious into the unconscious, transformation begins.

In this Dynamic Tantra experience, we will practice together how to:

v Dedramatize sexuality, freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs.

v Learn to treat our bodies with respect.

v Bring more awareness to increase our ability to love and be loved.

v Recognize our body as our true temple.

v Learn the art of letting go through deep relaxation.

v Let our vital energy flow freely.

v Regain confidence in oneself, in others, and life.

v Become familiar with the issues of choice, become more aware of our limits, and respect ourselves.

v Discover and harmonize our inner male and female polarity.

v Build our energy responsibly using the three keys: Breath, Movement, and Sound


Once you have experienced stepping out of the robotic mind, always there judging and complaining, you will be finally in charge, as the true pilot of yourself, bringing awareness, understanding, and presence into your everyday mindset.

This workshop is for everybody, singles, couples, beginners, and advanced. It features different approaches from Tantra, Meditation, and Body-based therapy that will help you see clearly through your recurring actions and eventually release, on a body-mind level, tensions that are no longer serving you in your evolution.

This workshop is not about technology and electronic gadgets but about enjoying humanity at its fullest.

If you have never practiced Tantra, it could also be your first step into a new world.



Jun 30 2022


8:00 pm - 10:10 pm



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