Outskirts Of Intimacy


A Sacred Journey to Understand Yourself.
What is intimacy?

Is it a lifelong journey to connect with ourselves?
With others?

With different dimensions of our being?
In a larger extension, it could be all the above.
In this workshop will be explored and practiced the understanding and the embodiment of different kinds
and levels of intimacy.
The one with ourselves and our body; the one with others, and the one with the Universal Spirit and other

We are going to use and teach tools and techniques coming from

– The physical presence, the journey of the Sensorial Self
– The Intimacy of feeling the Subtle System of the Self and the other ones
– The Intimacy of the Emotional Body, the play of sensation & the energy on movement
– The Sacred Intimacy where the Divine Play starts.

So that at the end of this weekend workshop you will be able to integrate them into your daily life habits,
improving your change and transformation skills every day.

The pragmatical acknowledgment after this experience:

– learn how to manage relaxation in higher states of arousal
– how to release and recharge your energy so to be fresh every day
– how to drop the sense of identification with your ego centered beliefs and enlarge your vision
– how to connect with the higher aspect of yourself

manage your personal and intimate relationships with self-awareness and detachment and achieve
freedom from the form. In a safe and playful space, you will explore touch, be touched, be confronted with your fears as well with your boundaries and will be invited to see how far you can push forward, jump into the unknown and how being incredibly empowered in doing so.

Your individual transformation process will be supported by Anand Rudra and Gopal and their team of
assistants in an elegant and inclusive space, where you will be guided and encouraged to see what lies
beyond your ordinary perception and expand your capacity to be fully yourself in total freedom and
integrity with your true nature.

This workshop is open to singles, couples, all genders, sexual preferences, age, even without previous

experience in Tantra, everybody is welcome!COVID REGULATIONS:

We apply the 3G rule.
The event starts on Saturday 11th of December at 10:00 and ends at 19:00, Sunday 12th December.

LOCATION: Life Artists Creators Hub, Mila Strasse 4, Berlin

Admission: 245 euro

Early bird until November 15: 190 euro

What to bring:
– Two towels
– Comfortable clothes
– Sarong
– Coconut oil
– If you want to take notes, you are welcome to bring a notebookAbout the facilitators:


Of Mexican 0rigin, living in Europe for the last 12 years. He is an International Relations Lawyer; holds three
masters degreee on North American Studies; Relations Mexico-USA; Law & Economics of European Union.
And a PHD in Security Studies of European Union.Enterpreneur; involved in Public Policy and advisor for
International Public Policy and Diplomacy.
Being raised in a Shamanic culture by father (Mexican spirita and shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui
Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was atracted to the esoterical world.
As a hobby he has being studing tarot, psicomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry and

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher and Arhanta Yoga School System: http://truetantra.eu

GOPAL Born in Italy, Gopal has more than 25 years of research and certified training in Tantra, Meditation,
Bioenergetics, Shiatsu, Bodywork, Osho Divine Healing Arts, Mysticism, Spirituality, and a deep understanding and experience of human psychology.

He has been teaching all over Europe and Russia how to accompany people to embrace their vulnerability
and reconnect with their inner power, in workshops and individual sessions for over 10 years, sharing its
personal approach and unique combination of these elements.

He is also a musician, and always experimenting and combining the Three Keys, Breath, Movement, and
Sound with innovative and creative meditation techniques.

Working and living in Berlin, he facilitates trainings, workshops, meditation, and individual sessions all over
the world.


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Dec 11 - 12 2022


8:05 am - 10:10 pm



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