An invitation to explore

our own experience of Ecstasy

JUNE 25th – JULY 4TH

IX International Festival of Tantra,

Consciousness and Shamanism in Tu i Teraz, Poland.

When our vital needs or our emotional desires are fulfilled, we feel pleasure. The experience of Inner Ecstasy, however, goes much further. It is a state of Deep Joy, Contentment and Inner Fullness, which words cannot describe.

This joyful explosion of Completeness can only be activated when everything we are is included, accepted and invited. As well as to make a great cake you need each of its ingredients, even that tiny pinch of salt.

In this third stage of Dynamic Tantra we will go further, transforming our bodies in a magnetic, vibrant energy stream.

We will experiment and learn how to build, contain and expand our energy into the whole body and beyond. This will help to clean our energetical body, which was hard tested in a way or another due to the global circumstances, and live a true experience of Totality, ready to start again in all our power!

With a playful, creative and soulful approach, we invite you to flower in the space of Meditation to feel the natural free flow and streaming of Energy and Awareness
in your body, to ultimately discover your own Fullness and overwhelming Vitality that resides in the core of your being.

Once the connection is made with what we really are, we can begin to experience this Fullness in our daily life.


Jun 25 2021 - Jul 04 2021


8:00 am - 10:10 pm



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