A psychedelic journey to the center of the body

The Universe is full of energy fields beyond what we can perceive. If we tap into those energy fields, we may alter our consciousness and enter an altered state.

This sonic tantric psychedelic workshop is designed to transport you on a fantastic trip through the centre of your body.

This journey is about who you are and how you will transform yourself in the Tantric process.

First, it is better to leave the old behind so that something new can occupy the body.

Then, an essential requirement for transformation is Relaxation.

We will practice some techniques that will open up with fluidity areas of the body that generally are not enough considered and restore the normal energy flow through the healing practice of Breath, Movement, and Sound.

Tantra means expansion (of consciousness) and is often intended as working with energy to expand into new modes of awareness and connection.

Because Tantra is also a practice where you see yourself as a mirror reflected image, we will experiment and enhance this vision through different perspectives and interactions.

It is not the seeking of the extraordinary but the discovery of the simplicity and the ordinary that allows you to express yourself to have your creativity in small things, in what is already part of your life.

And it is the joy coming out that makes things different, takes a new quality, and makes precious everything you do, making you discover that this is at the origin of everything, that Inner Mystique where everything comes from.

In other words, if you learn how to harness those energies and concentrate them in a specific area, then you could use that energy to expand your mental capacity and enter another dimension.

With a playful, creative, and soulful approach, I invite you to flower in the space of Meditation to enjoy the natural, free flow of Energy and Awareness in your body, to ultimately discover your Fullness and the explosive Vitality that resides in the core of your being.


And finally, discover your Inner Mystique.



Jul 01 2022


8:05 am - 10:10 pm



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