There is something universal in the appeal of a journey – of finding somewhere to relax and explore new ideas. It’s a feeling that connects every human being. The essence of life is an invitation for us to try out a variety of paths and to trust our intuition when we reach a crossroads.

I have always felt the urge to explore the different dimensions of existence. Being a musician, a meditator, a Tantrika and an O.D.H.A. bodyworker, I’m fascinated by the relationship between sound, movement, silence and the body. Through my personal experience and deep research into these topics, I have found a natural intersection for these paths to unite.

The path of Meditation

My heart and body opened up to a deeper understanding when I met Prashantam in 1995. He initiated me into Osho’s life-changing Active Meditations and teachings, and gave me the spiritual name Gopal.

In 2013 I moved from Italy to Berlin, Germany. Since then I have been deepening my studies of human development, as well as practising and facilitating Active Meditations with Ali von Stein and Krisana Locke at Osho Studio. I have also devised and produced my own events for large groups at the studio.

The path of Tantra

In 2015 I met Margot Anand in Ibiza, who initiated me into Skydancing Tantra. I joined her Skydancing Institute for the Love and Ecstasy Training. I am currently attending the International Skydancing Teacher Training in Montpellier, France.

The path of O.D.H.A.

Osho Divine Healing Arts (O.D.H.A.) exercises were inspired by Japanese tradition and developed by Prashantam under the supervision of Osho. In 2017 I graduated in Shiatsu, Divine Healing and Meditation at the O.D.H.A. School, taught by Prashantam in Portugal.

Now I am happy to share my expertise and knowledge with friends and truth-seekers around the world.

The Journey

"As far as I am concerned the basic quality of a seeker of truth is to cut himself away from all belief systems, from all borrowed knowledge -- in other words, to have the courage to be ignorant rather than to have borrowed knowledge. Ignorance has a beauty; it is at least yours, authentic, sincere. It has come with you. It is your blood, it is your bones, it is your marrow. Knowledgeability is ugly, absolute rubbish. It has been poured upon you by others, and you are carrying the load of it. And the load is such that it will not give you any opportunity to enquire on your own what truth is."


Osho, The Razor's Edge, Talk #10

“How to start the journey? Start becoming more and more a witness. Whatsoever you do, do it with deep alertness; then even small things become sacred, they become worship. It is not a question of what you are doing, the question is how you are doing it...Work or sit or walk- but one thing has to be a continuous thread: make more and more moments luminous with awareness. Let the candle of awareness burn in each moment, in each act."


Subtle Music in Your Body, The Beloved, vol. 1.