Be/YOND # IV – Seed of the Universe: The I in the Pyramid


Be/YOND # IV – Seed of the Universe:
▲The I in the Pyramid▼
-meditation intensive alldayer-

Here we go again with a new version of BE/YOND!

This time we will go way back into time, to tune in with ancient cosmovisions that will lead us in a powerful voyage of Meditation, Celebration and Transformation inside a Pyramid.

Both the Egyptians and the Mayans, the great constructors of Pyramids, conceived the Human as a holographic manifestation of the entire Universe.

The pyramid is also a tantric symbol that whispers us that from the realm of the physical world (the 4 points of the pyramid seen from above) to the non-dual essence of Universal Consciousness (the single point on the top), there is no distinction, just a blissful journey.

In the sacred space of a real pyramid floor we will practice old and new Tantric meditations, surrender our body to the dance, gather together in soulful rituals and be guided by a wonderful team of Meditators, Tantrikas, Artists and Musicians from all over the world, to experiment a collective and individual Transformational journey with tenderness, spontaneity and fun.

▲ dynamic tantra
▲ sacred mayan wheel
▲ cosmic mantra embodiment
▲ egyptian moon meditation
▲tantric sound bath
▲ live music
and much more, all in one day.

If you are familiar with our events, this will be another unique experience; if it’s your first time, this will be an incredible voyage into psychedelic bliss anyway.