Conscious * Weekend


2 days of Meditation, Tantra and Shamanism
ConsciousLand, Picciano, Italia
16-17 November 2019

* * *

This weekend of full immersion in the awareness of the SENSES will help us to feel more present in our bodies, to express our emotions in a more true way, and to learn to have a CHOICE on how to respond to the challenges of our daily routine. Beyond the mind, through energy schemes, physical limits, conditioning, a journey to the center of our VITAL ENERGY.

We will experiment ancient and contemporary meditation techniques, shamanic rituals, and ancient tantric practices, supported live music and movement. Through music and dance, we will explore then HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUNESS and the opening of our INTERIOR SPACE, hence the possibility of increasing, transmuting our energy.

In this group you will practice meditations and techniques of body awareness, of artistic expression, born from experience and passion for spiritual research.

We will practice together, in a beautiful protected sharing space:

• Meditations
• Rituals
• Shamanism
• Dance
• Yoga
• Energy Awareness
• Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

The rituals and some meditations will be accompanied by LIVE MUSIC with sacred instruments of ancient tradition (shamanic drum, didgeridoo, flutes, djembe, hang drum, …)