Dynamic Tantra: the loving touch


TOUCH is not only the way we connect to each other.
Breathing is the way the air touches our body.
Sight is the way we touch the world.
Gravity is the way the Earth touches us.

Touch is a precious gift whose mystery and potential sometimes we are not fully aware. Touch can be an immense source of pleasure and discovery, but also a powerful tool to transmit presence.

We invite you to a tantric journey that will open our senses and awareness on basic human experiences that we unlearned to live with totality. The voluptuousness of discovering a texture with our hands. The lightness of surrendering to be touched by the music. The anticipation of a caress. The innocence and happiness that arises when we give consent from our heart.

In this safe and playful space, we will explore the conscious touch, the poetical touch, the loving touch, the universal touch and then eventually get to the understanding that WE ARE LOVE.

“The body is a mistery in the whole of existence, this mistery needs to be loved.” (OSHO)