Tantric Ritual : The Secret Temple


On this new Dynamic Tantra evening meeting we want to honor together the wonders of our body, this magnificent temple that lovingly has taken us to this present moment and that is the vehicle for any spiritual awakening.

The intention of this ritual is to honour our body, in its fullness.

Are we capable of honouring ALL our body, from the tiniest hair to our long extremities, its smell, its form, its story? It is not always easy. Culture, family, partners, can make us feel ashamed of some parts of our body. Judgements can be done to some of our unique features. “Your breasts are too big, or too small, you are not fit enough or maybe you are not bronzed enough!, don’t touch your genitals, it’s dirty, don’t show your tongue, it’s impolite!

We will build together a sacred space to be able to honour and splash with love and tenderness all our body.

The session will end with a Tantric Meditation to balance our inner body.