Tantric Sounds

A multi sensorial journey through
the Tantric dimension of Sound
based in the Spandakarika sutra

JUNE 25th – JULY 4TH
IX International Festival of Tantra,
Consciousness and Shamanism in Tu i Teraz, Poland.

The ancient Tantric scriptures, in coincidence with contemporary science, describe the world as an eternal ocean of vibrations. A shimmering field of Pure Consciousness that expresses itself in infinite forms, at different frequencies, at every second.
In the sound of your voice, sacred instruments and silence, you can find a key to access this level of reality.
We can go from our perception of ourselves as a little being, stuck in our mind, disconnected from everything else, to the experience of being Pure Consciousness experiencing itself as a cosmic oceanic concert of infinite pulsations and possibilities.
This unique Sonic Active Meditation will invite you to embrace the experience, which is described in the Tantric Tradition as Ultimate Bliss.