The Ecstatic Conspiracy

Awakening new forms of Ecstatic Potential
An intensive seminar with MARGOT ANAND
24-25-26 September 2021
Das Kabbalah Center BERLIN
In this unique seminar, Margot will reveal how we have all been mutating during this extraordinary year.
By ?The Ecstatic Conspiracy? Margot means a coming together of those who choose to cultivate their bliss. Now it is time to cultivate, actively, our collective awakening. As we emerge beyond the anti ecstatic influences that surround us.
How can we discover the secret which is hiding behind the current madness of the world?
How can we learn to navigate with wisdom and discernment to find a new form of awakening of our ecstatic potential?
It is time to create ?The Ecstatic Conspiracy?.
More and more people are coming together in spiritual, heart families and tribes, the whose chosen mission is prioritizing higher frequency vibrations like meditation, relaxation, dance, celebration, sound healing, authentic relating, Tantra, and more.
More and more of us now experience a time of Resurrection. We remember. We go back to the realization that our precious body, is the most incredible instrument of aliveness with endless potential for awakening.
During this intensive seminar, we will explore how the last year has opened doors to our wisdom, awakened our souls.
With Margot, we will explore ♦SkyDancing Tantra♦, the Path to Bliss, touch, see, to cultivate our inner light. We will realize our boundless creativity and our powers of manifestation.
You will discover how to:
♦ choose with awareness what brings you joy to open the door to your spirit,
♦ tap your Inner and Outer Bliss,
♦ actualize a frequency vibration that can take you beyond fear and sickness,
♦ master the art of relaxing in high states of arousal (and, yes, fear is contained arousal!),
♦ apply the three keys to ecstatic lovemaking in our daily life.
It will be a unique chance to meet the woman, who was invited by Osho, to teach the first Tantra Groups at his Ashram in Poona, India in the late ’70s.
Margot first brought to the West the Tantric practices that show us that s*xuality can be transmuted into Bliss when it is practiced as a sacred prayer.
Margot’s latest book is published in Germany : “Skydancing Tantra : von s*xueller Ekstase zu spirituellem Erwachen” (Reichel Verlag).
It will tell you the mad adventures and initiations into Tantra around the world, and how Skydancing Tantra was born. Margot Anand’s six other books have sold a million copies around the world.
During this workshop, Margot will speak English and German, and there will also be a German translator (Margot’s German is…special!)
The Ecstatic Conspiracy welcomes all genders, couples and singles.
You can participate even with very little experience of Tantra, if you come with an open heart, ready to jump into your blissful nature.
We will explore free form movement, Energy circulation in the body’s centers, bodywork, and meditation rituals that will teach us deep and sacred energy connection with others.
Everyone will be free to honor their safety and sanitary boundaries and will be respected in this. Nobody will be induced or forced beyond their conscious consent, into any practices.
There will be no nudity or sexual interaction in the group room. But keep your Saturday night OPEN because Margot will give you some special HOMEPLAY to practice on Saturday night (for singles and couples).
Friday 24:
18:30 – 21 hs / Candlelight Book Presentation and Workshop Introduction
In an intimate frame, Margot will give a lecture on her latest book: “Skydancing Tantra: von s*xueller Ekstase zu spirituellem Erwachen” (Reichel Verlag), answer some questions, and show some clips of the new upcoming movie about her and SkyDancing Tantra. This is a special event on Friday evening which is included for the workshop participants.
This presentation will be open also to the non-participants to the workshop. The admission ticket for the non participants is 25 Euro.
Saturday 25:
8 – 9 / Morning meditation
10 – 13 / Morning session
13 – 15 / Lunch break
15 – 19 / Afternoon session
19 – 22 / Evening Homeplay
Sunday 26:
8 – 9 / Morning meditation
10 – 13 / Morning session
13 – 15 / Lunch break
15 – 19 / Afternoon session
20 / End of Workshop
The workshop will be held in English with the possibility of a German translation. This will be a non-residential workshop; if you are coming from outside Berlin and don’t know the city, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you some useful informations about the cheapest and closer accommodation solution for you.
This event will follow all needed regulations according the governments rules about Covid19 – we will update this part with all new regulations released and assure your security at all times. For the moment we expect you to show proof of negative test or full vaccination & having to wear a mask when moving in the space, not when seated on your mat or cushion. Please stay tuned for further changes in the regulations.
*If you test positive, you can either do a PCR test to confirm it (if the result comes out negative you will be welcome to join the workshop).
*If your Covid test is positive you will receive a full refund to your participation fee.
*If the event is cancelled due to pandemic or other force majeure happenings you will get a full refund.
Das Kabbalah Center
Hauptstrasse 27
(10827) BERLIN
Super Earlybird ticket: € 250 until July 31st
Earlybird ticket: € 300 until August 31st
Normal price: € 350. (Students reduced: € 300.)
Registration and online payment is required in advance.
To reserve your spot: