Tantra Events and Workshops

I organize short and intensive Tantra encounters to create a safe, non-erotic space where participants can express and enjoy their own sexual energy in a conscious and fluid way without frustration or repression.

Intensive Active Meditation Events

9 hours non-stop of Active Meditations combined with live music, dance, shamanic rituals and so many other juicy structures to experience and express vital energy in group dynamics.

Tantra Individual Sessions

To touch and be touched is the center of human intimacy, and also one of our deepest fears. I offer individual Tantra sessions and Relaxing and Healings massages in Berlin and other cities.

Osho Divine Healing Arts Sessions

I offer both O.D.H.A. individual and group sessions based in the 4 main directions of the Healing Process: movement, meditation, healing touches and filling or “feeding” human needs.