Tantra events and workshops

March 30, 2022

Tantra events and workshops

All of us have been touched before, but how many of us can say that we’ve actually felt touched?

So often, touch becomes an unconscious reflex.

In sexuality, touch is often used as a strategy to build excitement but not always experienced to increase consciousness and connection.

There’s a difference between being aware of the other person’s touch and feeling it in your body, with your mind and your heart. Conscious touch is more than skin-on-skin contact; it requires awareness of mind, body, and spirit and an open channel to experience something beyond simple physical stimulation.

Giving massage is more than touching someone deeply; it’s about being present in your own body and paying attention to what you’re feeling. A tantric massage is a form of meditation; by getting in touch with your hands, you allow them to become receptive conduits.

Connecting with your partner is about connecting with yourself. Your partner will feel far more than massaging fingers: they’ll feel that you are entirely present during their experience.

Tantric massage uses conscious touch to connect, heal and deepen relationships. It promotes healing through sexual energy and spiritually connects you with yourself and others. It involves focusing on compassion, love, freedom, and empowerment—all essential elements of any healthy relationship.

Letting go into conscious touch is a great way to bring both partners into harmony and an excellent way to let go of the ego and surrender to pleasure; the flow of energy between you and your partner through touch alone can be very powerful.

“The body is a mystery in the whole of existence; this mystery needs to be loved.”


Touch has three main aspects: Location, Speed, and Pressure.

Using these three main factors and asking feedback from the receiver, we can build a language that allows the giver and receiver to navigate more freely in the flow of giving and receiving pleasure.

Using this precise language empowers us to ask for exactly what we want. And by being clear, we help the giver relax into their sensations and emotions, confident that they are giving an enjoyable touch.

The key as givers is to attune ourselves to the other person and develop our intuition to give them the most pleasurable touch possible. And doing this without attachment to the effect is essential to staying present.

But touch is not only the way we connect to each other.

Breathing is the way the air touches our bodies.

Sight is the way we touch the world.

Gravity is the way the Earth touches us.

Touch is a precious gift whose mystery and potential sometimes we are not fully aware of. Touch can be an immense source of pleasure and discovery and a powerful tool to transmit presence.

This dynamic tantric journey will open our senses and awareness to the whole experience of the flow of touch.

In a safe and playful space, we will explore the conscious touch, poetic touch, loving touch, and universal touch and eventually understand that WE ARE LOVE, expanding the Range of Sensation and Emotion.