Is Meditation the new Punk?

When we think about Punk, we may have the idea of loudness and excess. For me, the main legacy of the Punk culture on an artistic level is not the music, but the attitude of « do it yourself ». On an aesthetical level, it introduced the concept that we don’t have to be heavy trained in anything to express who we are. You can do it through a song, an artwork, an outfit, whatever comes into your hands. Just do it! That was a revolution in habits. Many years ago a master called Osho developed the Active Meditations for the modern man. They consist of simple movement techniques to practice home alone or with friends using a musical support, investing one hour of our time. No further needs to look for the high mountain guru to access our true nature, thought the search for the mountain guru can be fun and healthy as well. We don’t need anyone else to be who we are.

Beautiful Strangers

As a musician, a DJ and a bodyworker living in Berlin, I am involved with many different sides of the human experience (artists, clubbers, meditators, common people) and I often get engaged in conversations. All these conversations after small bar talks at some point revolve around the same core topics, no matter what the starting point was: they often don’t know how to relate to their own sexuality, how to approach the other sex, how to make love in a conscious way or how to feel confident in their body. They lack of sentimental and sensual education, feeling incapable of stopping negative behaviours such as addiction to porn or compulsive genital obsession. I can see in each one of them a shining rough diamond, untamed beauty and potential, but most of the times they are clueless about the next step to take in order to start a positive change in their life.

Live fast? Love slow!

This condition is so pandemic, so common in our body, sexuality, friends and environment that we may end up with the assumption that this state of mind is normal. Hence the compulsion to take tranquilizers or using drugs or drink to release the tension. Such temporary solutions only cooperate to mantain the status quo, instead of changing it. When I reply the same simple sentence: “Every effective change can only start with the body, try it out”, they look at me like: “Nah, that’s too simple, it’s harder than that, you don’t know how complicate my condition is”. Well, I cannot know for sure any single thought or situation happening in another person’s life, but in my experience, many times the solution is simple, yet also not simple. It could sound like a Zen paradox, and probably it is.


We are so much overwhelmed by TV, commercials, social media, working routines, that our minds often lose their focus and our natural capacity to connect with our body is simply lost. However, the body is the natural doorway to the human experience, not the mind. The mind can only elaborate and process events. As Osho said: “The mind itself is an event.” So to enter the body, to feel comfortable in it, to ground in it, to accept it as it is, to say yes to ourselves, may look like a very complex procedure because of the mind resistance, but in the end it’s so simple.

Find the meditator in you

The first times I experienced the state of Meditation I remember those moments following the sessions like magic, sacred, perfect, but I also remember how my ego always wanted to find an explanation, to keep that state permanent. So I was bounced again into an intellectual space, and therefore frustration. This is why meditation is a simple and natural state of being, not a notion or an esoteric secret. Meditation is an experience of presence and relaxation. And it is the main entrance to who we really are. From a meditativeness state we can expand our consciousness and become more attuned with the body, more open to pleasure, more present to pain and learn how to overcome it, learn to listen to our vital needs without being compelled by the ordinary chaos of urban and modern life.


In some cultures, religions and social conditioning have depicted sex as something impure, an obstacle on the way to be removed in order to get higher levels of consciousness. Apart from any further consideration or judgment about this vision, my suggestion would be to invite you to try the other way around, to use sexuality as a key element for transformation.


So the task for me here was to open to relatively young people, but not only, the possibility to access freely their own inner space in a playful, funky and dynamic way. The idea was to create structures that could be available to anyone, even without previous experience, and have fun into it, and relax into it, like going to a party, even if it’s a party of one. In fact, to connect with our own sacred intimacy, which is the first step, we don’t really need a partner. And I say sacred because when we are connected with ourselves, that intimacy becomes a sacred space, a holy moment. From movement and individual connection, then when the big step is done, the invitation to connect with others flows more naturally, and apart from projections, misconceptions, we really can see and embrace the other, reflect into the other, and maybe expand and discover new and different aspects of ourselves.


Then, the possibilities become endless and the door to a more blissful, intimate and conscious connection is already open. This is what I called Dynamic Tantra. So relax, have fun, have pleasure, enjoy the ride! Check out the next Dynamic Tantra events here.